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FYL-B012D1)Power supply:AC100-240V,50/60Hz2)Ballast:Electronic Ballast3)Power consumption:300W4)Lamp: PLATINUM 5R -2000H5)DMX Channels mode:16 channels6)Stand alone operation with Master/Slave function,sound activated via built in     microphone.7)Optical Device: 3 lens type high quality lens group8)Zoom for  Prism9)Focus: Electric 20 meters light output.10)Color: 14 colors + White replaceable color wheel11)Gobo: 17 fixed gobo+white high speed swing effect.12)8 surface rotating prism13)Linear light filter14)A mechanical shutter speed stroboscopic effect A mechanical dimmer15)The light body is small and light only 50cm 16kg

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